Studio Panic

is small graphic design studio with only one employee doing multiple tasks. Sometimes feeling like a skitzo but still having loads of fun doing all kinds of different projects. What's yours?



Studio Panic is a 1 man design studio from Slovenia delivering branding & various design services to clients that enjoy a personal approach to their design needs.

The goal

I've started my own studio, so i can try and find the greatness in the work i do. Develop and build a personal style are the long term goals. The short term ones for each project are to make the best out of it, and push it a bit forward. Solid work that can stand and be shown to others with pride.

The philosophy

Each project, let it have a small budget, is taken care of just like a big project. Even if your services or products aren't really so interesting, they can be interesting. Want it cheap, fast, good? Sure, but you can only pick 2 of these options.

The passion

I have a passion for arts & design, and in particular for projects that require originality, creativity and a story to feed the visual impulse to others.



Few years ago i was a freelancer which meant that i had to do and learn various skills, from web design and programing, cutting and gluing paper (even crocketing) to photograph etc. I love all of these different skills when they melt together into a harmonically beautiful state and send out a strong message. The ones i like the most and am good at are when i'm a:

The design guy

Graphic Designer

branding, posters, ads,...

Forward thinking and precise. Likes clean and orderly visuals and if a project is made that way, it bring a tear of joy to his eye. He's always trying to change the world one pixel at a time. If you need a horse riding a bike on a sunny day at the beach… this is the guy you want to talk to.

The arts & crafts guy


paper art, modeling,...

Calm, silent fella. Likes to keep his cutting toys clean. Usually takes on a crafting idea just before the deadline, so to realize it, he'd need a week and not 24 hours. But gets the job done very nicely in the end.

The lens guy


Shooting images,...

The guy with a big lens. Breathes the inverse square law formula of the light as the strobe fires while focusing on the most interesting part of the object may it be a beer bottle or something else. But please, let it be a a nice cold beer bottle…



I thought it may be nice to have a blog but... the thing is... If i was a good writer, i'd probably be a copywriter and not a designer. But i can show you some nice pictures with very short descriptions... :)

Latest blog posts

Happy new year

New year happy

New year happy! Let the 2013 be the opposite of 2012 for all those that this year didn’t quite make so happy :) I hope

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Fusion Design Week

Fusion Design Week Banja Luka

I was invited to Banja Luka to give a small lecture about me and my work at their first Fusion Design Week. The town itself

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Silver bra and 3 finalist awards at Magdalena

A very busy 3 days at the Magdalena festival. Lots of great people and amazing lecturers. The special edition Pecha Kucha with all the great

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Goodies such as fonts, T-shirt, posters, vinyls and some other (free) things are coming soon.


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